Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It was nasty, but we'll take it.

Hey Brother, it was 25-22 and a nail biter, but we won and we'll take it.
Love you,


  1. See your team won and you have something to shout about! It was a terrific game. My son has Direct TV and the NFL Ticket. Some Sunday's there is a t.v. and laptop or computer blasting a different game. It makes life exciting and I am a H U G E Football fan! I have only seen the Broncos play live against the Dolphins ages ago! But we faithfully follow them. My younger son has been a great fan of Reggie Bush and still has the jersey I bought him two years ago. I loved the Saints when they were the "Ain'ts years ago with Archie Manning! Oh I just told my age! LOL! Remember life is gonna throw you a lot of curve balls. Just remember to run the bases! You are going to be ok Buddy! God Bless You! Anne