Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wisdom Teeth!

At 42 I just had my last wisdom tooth removed. When I was younger I had had a molar in front of the tooth pulled and over time the wisdom tooth had grown in to the space and replaced the older molar. It developed a cavity a few years ago and last year I decided to have it pulled. The dentist I saw convinced me to have it filled instead of pulled, so I went ahead and followed her advice. Bad mistake. She was not a very good dentist. She drilled into the root and instead of going ahead and pulling it she placed some kind of barrier over the exposed root and went ahead with the filling. It has caused me pain ever since.

Yesterday I finally had the tooth removed. They put me under and cut it out. I can finally look forward to some relief when this thing heals. Did someone say "ice cream"? Oh yeah!!!


  1. Oh I didn't know you had a toofie pulled. Ouch. Is it better. I think ice cream would cause great pain and suffering. ya know the cold. xxmollye
    still doing love dare?

  2. ok this is February and it is almost over and so it is time to write something new! Gotta snag some readers with another pearl.